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Customer Feedback

Proofreading feedback

All comments represent genuine feedback from PGE Language customers and are reproduced with permission.

"The low level of English in the document was edited very carefully - thank you very much. The speedy reply was also greatly appreciated."

Y.S., Tokyo

"Thank you very much for your checked documents and for your excellent work. It is very helpful for us!"

Mitsuda sama, Tokyo

"The rewrite was excellent. My professor also complimented the quality - thank you so much."

K.S., Hiroshima University

"Thank you for your good job. We're really glad that our English documents are now clearer and better than before."

L. T. Co., Ltd., Tokyo

"Thank you for your proofreading. I am satisfied with your careful and quick work!"

H.H., Kyoto University

"I am always very pleased with your meticulous work. It is very easy to process as you send the finished work with a separate document showing the changes."

Kawada sama, Tama-shi, Tokyo

"I have received all of the checked documents and believe your work is perfect."

R.M., Associate Professor, Keio University, Tokyo

"I was impressed with the perfect results. Despite the roughness of the original English, you managed to catch the intended meaning and express it clearly. We were very satisfied with the service."

Mr. I.R., Tokyo

"Thank you very much for your fast, detailed proofreading. The amateur level of English in my document has improved dramatically."

T.M., Tokyo

"The service is impressive - I will be using it again."

Ishizuka sama, Kawasaki

"I am amazed how you corrected my English with such speed and accuracy. Thank you for the really professional work"

T.S. (translator), Tokushima, Japan

"Excellent work - the document now looks great."

Nitta sama, Los Angeles, USA

"The service and prices you offer are very good."

Nakata sama, Osaka

"It is great to know that we have now found a service that is reliable, fast and easy to deal with."

Suito sama, Hiroshima

"The proofreading was great. Thank you for your work."

Kawada sama, Presto Inc., Japan

"Thank you once again for your fast help and action. This is a great service."

Furuta sama, Chiba

"Thank you so much for your help with our presentation - we were very pleased with the result."

Takahara sama, Yamanashi

"You are always our first choice for proofreading work."

Sekine sama, Shinjuku