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Proofreading Service Levels

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At PGE Language, we do our best to improve your text so that there are no signs of it having been translated from another language.

The following levels of service are available depending on how much your document can be improved. Advice will be included with our quote on which service we think is suitable for your project.

Basic Editing

We will check the text for problems with grammar, clarity of meaning, unnatural phrasing, inappropriate or strange vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.

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Advanced Editing

Some translations convey the meaning well, but may retain some of the feeling/style of the original language. Our Advanced Editing service includes all the benefits of Basic Editing plus rewriting and style changes where appropriate to give 100% native-English style without changing meaning or intent.

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When the project is complete, we will send you the checked version of the text, along with a separate document highlighting the changes made. We also provide extensive after-service for any questions or queries about the improvements made to your documents.

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