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awardstar Customer feedback:

"I am always very pleased with your meticulous proofreading. It is very easy to process as you send the finished work with a separate document showing the changes."

Y. Kawada, Tokyo

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awardstar Why choose PGE?

We specialize exclusively in proofreading and rewriting documents translated into English. This enables us to focus 100% on this field and provide a service superior to that of other agencies whose efforts are spread over a number of different areas.

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Professional Translation Support Services

Proofreading services

Based in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, PGE Language has been providing professional proofreading, editing and rewriting services since 1998.

Our Editing Service

We provide post-translation services to many large companies and multinational organizations as well as a range of private clients such as independent translators, university professors, researchers and students.

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Our Expertise

All PGE editors are experts in the English language, and are specialists in their particular fields.

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